Thoughtful Thank You Notes

Written Testimonials

The Little Things

My Mom went into The Preserve for long term skilled nursing when she turned 95, and it became her final home when she passed away a few days short of her 96th birthday. I cannot imagine a better place for her to have spent her final year. Although the building itself is beautiful compared to almost every other facility that we considered, it is the staff that makes it really special. The social director made a concerted effort to get my Mom involved with a myriad of activities, the staff (mostly full timers) were consistently of the highest quality and compassionate, and the thoughtfulness of making the “little things” like group mealtime a better place was superb. A special thank you to Dolores, the head nurse, who made it a point to reach out to call whenever there was a need or issue, and who kept in touch during my Mom’s final weeks. Before you look at more expensive places in Naples, I strongly recommend a visit to the Preserve. It is, as my Mom said frequently over her last year, “Terrific.”

– Charles Davidson

Our Precious Mom

Choosing an assisted living facility for an elderly loved one is a process that most people have little to no experience. The challenge is recognizing the difference between the level of care and service committed verses what is actually provided.

On December 17, 2021 my family made the difficult decision to move my then 94 year old mother from another assisted living facility to The Preserve. We gained commitments from the Executive Director, the Director of Nursing and all the way down the line. Due to our previous experience, we were still skeptical. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made for mom’s well being and our state of mind. The Preserve sets high standards for the comfort and medical care of all their residents, then lives up to them. Our mom experienced a variety of health problems throughout her stay. Every one of them was discussed with the family, addressed and resolved with the utmost of care.

At the age of 96, mom declined to a point where she couldn’t walk. She was moved to the 3rd floor, skilled nursing. During her short stay, several of her previous nurses and aides came to visit her demonstrating genuine concern and compassion for her. While there, she was monitored and provided excellent care 24/7 until her passing.

We can not adequately express our gratitude to the Preserve team. There are too many to name and I fear leaving anyone out. The leadership sets the tone and their commitment and compassion for their residents is truly first class. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks to for taking such great care of our precious mom.

-The Wickham Family

My Mother

My mother Joslyn, was a resident at The Preserve earlier this summer. I’d like to express my gratitude to the members of your staff who worked with her during this time. My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s for years and after having a stroke, she needed long-term care. The Preserve was a list of possible facilities when it came time for her to leave the hospital, and we were pleased to learn that a room was available.

We had no idea how fortunate we were. The nursing staff and CNAs were wonderful with my mother and we soon felt reassured that she was in good hands. We were surprised at how good the food was… an unexpected bonus for sure. But it was the therapy team of Lisa, Alisha, Howard, and Allen under the director of Cheryl that really stood out. Each of these people was professional, competent, and enthusiastic. In addition, what really set them apart, was their compassion, love, and determination to do whatever was necessary to make at least part of each of my mother’s final days joyful and productive.

My father who visited each day, marveled at my mother’s response when “the kids” (as he called the therapy team) arrived. Her eyes, which remained closed most of the time, would pop open upon hearing their voices and she would smile and interact as best as she could. She seemed to genuinely enjoy working with each one of them and she clearly trusted them.

In the end, it was Alisha who realized immediately that something was wrong with my mother although my father saw no visual cue. Thanks to Alisha’s quick actions. My mother was quickly transferred to the ER and on to the Hospice House, where she passed away.

As a family, we thank you and your team for the wonderful care my mother received at The Preserve. With special thanks to the Therapy team. We have fond memories of the last weeks of my mother’s life, all due to her fine care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



My wife Joslyn recently spent a month at The Preserve. It is a fine facility, well equipped and the nursing staff on third floor took good care of my wife, professional and caring.

I am writing to compliment especially three members of the therapy staff at The Preserve: Allen, Lisa, and Alisha. My wife was severely incapacitated, both physically and cognitively. She was withdrawn, no doubt distressed, unable to express herself verbally or to interact well with her caregivers. But the therapists found a way to reach her. They managed to cross the border into her confused and crippled world. She responded by doing her best for them. When they entered the room and called her name, Joslyn responded with a smile and opened eyes, in happy recognition. They gave Joslyn guidance and purpose and love during her last days. My family and I thank them from the bottom of our hearts.



This is to commend you and your staff concerning my wife Margaret’s stay at your facility. She left there last Saturday after a week following hip replacement surgery. I visited her every day at most times of the day. The staff I encountered at those times- both attending my wife and those at random- were all professional, effective, and personable. That is remarkable for any organization, but more so for the generally difficult situation of caring for sick folks. Please thank your staff for us. They made a difficult time more tolerable.



I was recently at the Preserve for short term rehabilitation following unexpected neurosurgery related to a fall. I’ve been a very active person my entire life and up until my surgery was walking 2 miles a day and have never needed rehab. From the moment we walked into the facility we felt welcomed and could tell that the staff really care about the residents. The evening supervisor Brian made sure I got a meal since I arrived during dinnertime and oriented me to my room. The rooms are private with their own bathroom and shower. Each room has a mini fridge and a large TV with lots of channels. I would like to commend a few of the nurses which provided care to me, they made me feel welcome and took the time to help. Nurses Robert, Solange, Harlan, and CNA Edwin really stand out. CNA Edwin always took extra time to make sure I had all that I needed. In the culinary department, dietary staff were very helpful and the food was amazing. Everyone we interacted with in therapy was amazing but I would like to mention OT Trey, PT Danielle and ST Lisa. Trey in OT helped me shower for the first time after being in ICU for 5 days. PT Danielle really pushed me and helped me gain back my strength. ST Lisa made the therapy fun, she is exceptional and really went the extra mile. She is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met and you can tell she loves helping people. I wish I could remember every staff that we met but there were just too many to remember. One highlight of my stay was the 4th of July event in the courtyard, what an amazing performance by all involved. I would recommend the Preserve to anyone seeking short term rehabilitation or to move into their beautiful community.



My wife had a stroke in mid-August. We were told to prepare for the worst. In mid-October, she came here to The Preserve and that is when our journey really began. The progression and rehab/recovery lifted her spirits. She was determined to get better and return to her independence, as much as possible. Our favorite CNA that comes to mind was Penny. Her diligence in working with my wife when she had no appetite was appreciated. Tish the nurse and so many others really contributed to her success. Therapy…. WOW. Lisa in Speech Therapy worked on her enunciation and her mind. She worked on forming sentences, putting words together, and simply worked miracles. The last 3 months she was here we both remembered every person. They all made an impact on us and they cared 100%. The staff truly didn’t just see this as a job- it was a calling and a passion. It was an outpouring of love and belief in her abilities to get better that made all the difference. She had good days and bad days, but the understanding and response was just amazing. I can’t say enough good things. The therapy group has been fantastic. In situations like this- people can come across caregivers they don’t like, but that didn’t happen to me here. Everyone was upbeat and wanting to work with her. The facilities and the amenities have been awesome. She looks forward to coming back here for outpatient therapy. She is beaming to see all her friends again.

Recently, on one of our most recent trips to outpatient therapy, the team had her in the Tollos lift system and surprised me with a dance to Elvis’ I Can’t Help Falling in Love. Elvis was her favorite since childhood and the smile in her eyes as she danced hand in hand with me spoke volumes. The dancing was above and beyond for both of us in our spiritual healing journey, beyond the physical therapy. This simple gesture of arranging this for us came from a place of love, not a job duty.

I have worked in the National Hockey League for over 50 years, and the therapy team here at The Preserve functions as smoothly as some of the Stanley cup teams I’ve been around for decades.  The team work was on par with professional teams.

My wife’s stay here at The Preserve couldn’t have been any better”.

-“Jiggs” McDonald


I cannot say enough good things about The Preserve rehabilitation and therapy facility. My wife took a terrible fall and needed intense therapy after release from the Trauma and ICU units at Lee Memorial. First, the rooms and overall physical plant are first class. But, anyone can build a nice building. What makes this place special is the people who work there. From the moment I contacted Lisa Gysin in Admissions, I knew I was talking to a welcoming professional. The therapists who work with my wife are top notch: Lisa Esterly, the speech therapist, Jennifer Cheng the physical therapist and Cenia Quevedo the Occupational therapist were all super, caring and real pros. Amanda Vermeesch, the RN unit manager was so very helpful in figuring out her ongoing medical needs for her injuries. Sarah Richard in social services was so good in navigating the rules and next steps. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how caring and professional the duty nurses and caretakers are when taking care of my wife’s daily needs. Natisha the floor RN, Marie the CNA, Sheila and numerous others whose names I do not know, were always there with caring professional and cheerful demeanors.

The Preserve is 5-Star all the way, run by caring people with whom you can trust your love one…

– Neil


I recently lost my wife Loretta, the hospital had given us the news no one wanted to hear- stage 4
Next the hospital was discharging us with no place to go.
Hope preserve was found and when you are under the care of The Preserve you have the best! Not only did the Preserve team find a room for my wife, Rachel found a room for me on the 1st floor. This was done so I can visit her daily in her final days.
As the days progressed I found that everyone was more than polite. They really cared. They called you by name from day one, checked on you morning noon and nighttime as long as you needed someone to check on you.
Café food was good and seasoned to your liking and very tasty. Even the waiters in the restaurant cared. When the time comes for me, would I go back? Absolutely.

– Assisted Living Respite Resident – Henry


“I came to The Preserve when I personally felt I was broken, but turns out I wasn’t as broken as I thought. I admitted in the absolute height of the pandemic, with my family terrified of me going into a facility. As soon as I got here, I realized how much COVID impacted the place, but fortunately they didn’t let it impact me and my progress. I just knew how much had to be tailored from the normal way things work. The staff were always working through these changes.
I was able to get both doses of my vaccines right away in the facility, before my peers had even THOUGHT about theirs. All of the different departments stepped up in those COVID restrictions that I talked about. People helped out in many ways that were out of their job description. Physical & Occupational therapy and the nursing department does so much for their patients. The Preserve is full of Inspirational Cheerleaders.
Although the majority (due to COVID) of my time was limited to my room, I was allowed- and encouraged- to keep working. I work remotely on my laptop and was respected when I put a sign on my door indicating that I “needed privacy to work”. The outdoor visitations with my grandkids kept my heart beating. I will never forget that. As I leave here, I can truly say, “I feel strong.”

A few quotes taken from Staff Recognition cards from this particular patient:

  • “You Got This. Words that inspired me to push through. Madi in OTs skillset helped me grow and prepare to safely return home”
  • “Cheryl provided in depth Physical Therapy that rebuilt my strength”
  • “Lisa is a member of the highly trained staff, promoting a safe, appropriate, and coordinated treatment plan”
  • “Wesjeannie provided a clear selection for all 3 meals and was pleasant and open to changes to meet my needs”
  • “Carmen provides excellent housekeeping care. My room is clean everyday and she responds to my requests”
  • “Allison, my Saturday PT, had enthusiasm and willingness to work with me even with my increased levels of pain. This was so valued by me”
  • “Pat’s natural and enthusiastic hospitality was welcoming and calming. She is a gifted employee”
  • “Natisha, RN went above and beyond her professional demands to provide with a concerned heart”
  • “Edwige, CNA, is a sweet and funny soul. She shared gentle care and always respected me. She praised my ability to roll over in bed which made us both laugh and share a moment that is typically vulnerable and uncomfortable, but certainly made me more comfortable”

– Skilled Nursing Resident- Virginia