How to Recognize When It’s Time for Assisted Living

We often get asked the $64,000 question, how do I know when it’s time to move a loved one to assisted living? The answer to this is as unique and personal as the individual’s journey with aging or dementia. Some people are able to stay in their home as they age, with family support and outside services, while others realize their health and daily care needs may be best met living in an assisted living community. Timing the transition to senior living can be tricky, but many quickly realize the move is the best option to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

Aimed to enhance one’s independence while providing the extras that you’ll come to enjoy from an assisted living setting, Located in Southwest Florida, The Preserve offers private apartments in our Estuary Assisted Living assisted living kitchencommunity. Certified nursing assistants and licensed nurses are on-site and available 24-hours a day. Additionally, personal care services are specifically tailored and provided in each resident’s apartment daily. Every apartment is filled with the amenities and comforts to make you feel right at home. Pets are even welcome at The Preserve!

Seeking placement for someone you love into an assisted living community is a stressful and complicated decision with many factors to consider. Although the decision is never an easy one, there are some telltale signs that may help you recognize when the time is right to make the move. These signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Declining Health or Medical Conditions
    According to a report conducted by AARP, more than 70 million people ages 50 and older have at least one medical condition that is considered chronic, including Alzheimer’s or heart disease. Additionally, the rate of seniors who have fallen at least one time in the last year seems to be on a steady climb.
  • Senior Isolation
    When seniors live alone and are isolated from social settings and family, it affects their overall health and wellness. Isolation can also lead to more serious conditions such as depression, unhealthy eating habits, addiction, problems with medication management and even mortality.
  • Inability to Manage Finances
    As a loved one ages, their ability to keep track of daily finances decreases. You may notice a pile of unpaid bills or late payment notices. Staying on top of their financial responsibilities becomes too difficult, especially when dementia is involved.
  • Decreased Daily Personal Care
    Infrequent bathing, body odor and dirty clothing are all signs that something serious is happening. Other medical conditions may be present, such as memory loss, when poor hygiene is apparent.
  • Untidy Living Space
    A common warning sign is the inability to keep up with household chores, leading to an untidy home. You may notice expired or spoiled food and dirty dishes as well, which typically means the individual is not eating healthy foods, or at all.

The psychological effects of caregiver stress should be considered as well. The symptoms and increased stress are often likened to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and will present themselves emotionally, mentally and physically. If the family caregiver is showing signs of anxiety, avoidance or other personality behaviors, disruption in sleeping or eating habits and more, then the pressure of caring for a loved one is taking a toll. All of these warning signs or living situations may be telling you it’s time to consider assisted living.

The Preserve senior living community provides progressive, comprehensive care with personalized service. We are part of a network of providers dedicated to caring for older adults and people with clinically-complex health care needs. The team of professionals at The Preserve will work with you and help facilitate a smooth transition when caring for a loved one at home is no longer an option. We invite you and your family to schedule a personal appointment where you can begin the process of finding the perfect fit for your aging loved one and finally seek the answer to that $64,000 question.