A Memory Care Environment that Supports the Whole Person

The Preserve understands the process of choosing a memory care community that is a perfect fit for your loved one can be confusing, stressful, and emotional. Even once a decision is made, transitions can be hard. That is why we offer a continuum of care and services so residents and their families can be assured that as health needs change, additional care is available right on site. As part of Volunteers of America, The Preserve operates under their National Services memory support program which is a person-centered model, with emphasis on the whole person. This model recognizes that all persons have physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual needs, regardless of their level of cognitive function. As such, The Preserve’s memory support program/services will meet the changing needs of our residents with dementia in a safe, nurturing environment and a variety of therapies. Staff is trained on the philosophy of care that shapes policies and practices.

Living Environments

Each memory care unit at The Preserve is a “home within a home,” with specific admission criteria that reflect the community’s philosophy and scope of services. Our community offers dedicated areas for memory care known as The Harbor and The Cove. Each offer a secure living environment, a separate and entrance-controlled in addition to around-the-clock care and supervision. The Harbor supports those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss an assisted living environment. Designed specifically for familiarity, our amenities convey fond memories. Our other memory support neighborhood, The Cove, caters to residents who need a full range of skilled nursing services and personal care. Each living environment supports the person with dementia with specific architectural and interior design programming and family members are encouraged to accessorize the rooms with items that are personally meaningful.

Safety is a strong emphasis in memory care environments. This includes a security system that allows resident to walk through the space freely without jeopardizing their sense of security. The low-stress, homelike environment is calming to residents with dementia and provides cues and way finding. Consistent staffing is utilized so that the staff members, residents, and visitors are able to recognize and are familiar with each other and their needs.

As required by Volunteers of America’s guidelines for senior care, The Preserve has a Memory Care Director who acts as a point person with expertise that families can go to directly for their concerns to ensure that you’re always in the loop with your loved one’s care. We also hold to specific standards to ensure that the basic needs of all residents are being met, in addition to specialized care for each individual. For instance, activities are offered at scheduled times with proper priority given to optimal sunlight exposure and designated routines. These standards, along with many others involving dining & spirituality, are considered to ensure that residents feel a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Life Enrichment

The staff at The Harbor and The Cove receives specialized, ongoing training on the various areas of disease progression, tips for communication, managing challenging behaviors and concepts on caring for individuals with dementia. In addition, we understand the importance of life enrichment when caring for those with memory loss and have various programs that can be adapted to fit specific memory support needs. An approach to these programs that includes more frequency and shorter time periods has proven to be more beneficial for those with memory support needs.

• Revery Harp – This instrument’s beautiful shape is inviting to those with memory loss, it is lightweight and comfortable to hold and the pentatonic tuning means there is simply no wrong way to play the harp. Feeling the vibrations through the wood is very soothing.
• QuILT – Quality in Living Today. Using methods that are supportive and customizable to each resident, this program promotes their health and well-being. There are six dimensions to QuILT: spiritual, physical, emotional, occupational, social, and intellectual.
• IN2L – It’s Never Too Late. Providing dignity through technology, this program will help connect older adults and their caregivers with the tools and practical benefits computers have to offer.

Ongoing Support

It’s important to stay current on the latest research & education on caring for those with Alzheimer’s & dementia. Residents at The Preserve benefit from the programmatic development of Volunteers of America which includes regular training and audits. Resources and other dementia-specific modalities are available to staff, family members and volunteers through our affiliation with professional organizations. Volunteers enrich the lives of residents living in memory support units at The Preserve and assist with activities and provide opportunities for resident socialization. Whether your loved one is living at The Harbor or The Cove, rest assured that they’re in a safe neighborhood which supports their whole being with a quality program and staff that truly cares.